What we offer at GROENENDAEL.pro ?

GROENENDAEL.pro offers you individual or shared workspaces :

  • A unique, enchanting work environment facing the forest, where you can work, share and host. The energy you save will feed your ideas.
  • A private office, or if you prefer, access to a comfortable and bright communal work station with everything you need.
  • Contracts ranging from 3 months to a year. Access tailored to your needs.
  • A teaching and/or conference room.
  • Services provided: cleaning, internet, copier and printer…
  • Translation, accounting or secretarial services available upon request…
  • A professional, yet relaxed atmosphere.


At Groenendael.pro, the Sonian forest is just across the road. There is nothing like a walk around the pond to clear your head and think over your strategy.
In the summer, our garden will be the perfect place for your meetings.
Thanks to the unique environment at GROENENDAEL.PRO, your customers and contacts will have a memorable time doing business with you.

GROENENDAEL.pro is situated in Hoeilaart, just a few minutes south of Brussels. This region has a long history of cultivating grapes of the highest quality.

Available at GROENENDAEL.pro

In our Country House, you will find:

  • 5 individual offices, available in rotation if necessary.
  • 1 common room equipped with 4-5 work stations
  • 1 meeting/teaching room
  • 1 storage room
  • a 4-place car park, and another 6 public parking places
  • a charming garden

From January 2013, the adjacent building will offer:

  • 3 additional individual offices
  • 1 common room equipped with 4-5 work stations
  • 1 gym with showers
  • 2 studio flats
  • Additional parking

GROENENDAEL.pro is the greenhouse in which your ideas will grow tall.

You think this is all hot air? GROENENDAEL.pro was the cradle of Shéhérazade and its product, ARNO HR software. In the beginning, they were just three people with an idea. Eventually, that idea developed into a 25-employee company that was sold to the ACERTA group.

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