The concept coworkingMany freelancers, artists and designers often work from home in isolation.
If you’re a freelancer yourself, you’ll know that this has many drawbacks.

-The cost of independence?

Isolation, lack of social contact, limited material resources: this can be the cost of independence.
Working on one’s own for extended periods of time can ultimately turn out to be unproductive.

-The cost of live/work?

The cost of live/work is where the workplace invades the private sphere, leading to poor concentration and productivity, as well as difficulty in organizing business meetings at home. While minimal travel time is often seen as an asset, getting out into a different headspace can be even more beneficial.

A work space away from home?

A small office away from home sounds like a good idea. But you still need to find a cost-effective place that will meet your needs.
There’s no point in further isolating yourself in a backyard or an attic! That would only harm your energy, creativity and ambition.
As an adventurous worker, you have the spirit of the pioneer and you don’t want a drab 9AM-5PM office routine.
You need air, nature and open space.


We have a solution that will help boost your motivation and creativity: a shared workspace.

The shared workspace is

  • A professional environment where you can enjoy and focus on work
  • Giving structure to your working life increases productivity
  • An office that you share with two or three other professionals, where certain rules are established, or your own office where you have access to a communal workstation.
  • A place where a variety of services are provided and where operating costs are kept to a minimum.
  • A place where you can meet new people, take new initiatives and share expertise.

More than just office space, we offer you a whole network, as well as a place to grow and develop your ideas.


You are…

- A consultant. You need to write reports in a quiet environment and host clients from time to time. There is nothing like a walk in the woods or around the pond to focus your ideas.
- A young lawyer. You’re starting a law firm. At home, you’re constantly distracted and you can’t meet clients.
- A psychologist. You can decide on which days you want to meet your patients or you can share your practice with a colleague.
- An artist. You are working in fashion design and you need your own studio space.
- An accountant. Working alone with numbers can sometimes be painful. What if you could informally meet other people in your work place?
As a sociable and reliable professional, you might even be asked to deal with their accounting needs !


You teach during the day or in the evening. You’re a photographer, a writer, a botanist…You need a room with a capacity of 10 to15 people.
You have an original idea and, despite what your family and friends think, you know it’s a winner. You’re convinced there is a demand for home-made soup or your grandmother’s recipes and you need a place that is more convenient than home. You might as well find a place where you can create a network of new contacts and attract prospective clients, too.
You spend most of your time on the road or you work a long way from home. What you need is a place to rest from time to time before heading back out.

Then why not consider a shared workspace ?